You're damn right I'm an American!



You know what? You're right! Americans are NOT like Europeans. We're not like the British or the French or the Spanish or the Germans. We're not like the Chinese or the Russians. We're not like the Swiss or the Italians or the Canadians. We're not like anyone else in the world.

And you know what? We don't want to be! We're Americans.

We are not a muslim country, and never will be. We are NOT an extension of Mexico.
The armed citizens of this country make up the world's largest armed force in the world, and we like it that way. We tolerate religious freedom AS LONG as YOU respect our freedom to follow the religion of our choice, or not follow any religion at all, including yours.

I admit, I don't understand the muslim ideals, forms of worship, theology or the politics of the muslim society. I don't understand the philosophy and the practices of oppression, animal cruelty, total male domination, the goal of complete subjugation of every other religion, and the intolerance that is so pervasive in the muslim religion.

But, guess what muhammad? YOU don't understand the American people or our culture as well as you think you do! Our country is weakened right now. Illegals are swarming over our southern border like ants at a picnic. And we know many of you are swarming in as well.

Our military has been weakened by Obama and his budget cuts. Our leadership is a joke and even our greatest military leaders are hindered by political policies that impede our ability to bring the full ferocity of our military strength to bear against our enemies, or sometimes even to adequately defend ourselves.

But there is one thing you can not ever understand. Our political leaders may be susceptible to anti-American influence, our military may be bound to the whims of our
political rhetoric, but WE, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, WILL NEVER BE CONQUERED!

We will DIE before we surrender our freedoms and liberty. We will fight tooth and nail before we surrender our country.

You think defeating our military and politicians gets you closer to defeating America?
You COULD NOT be any more wrong!!!

And you hating us for our love of our freedom, democracy and liberty means absolutely nothing to us!

It's common now to find people all over the world who hate America because of our intervention in other cultures and countries. Well, pucker up, Buttercup! I've got news for you. America is no worse than any other country in the world who conducts covert operations to protect their own interests.

Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Italy, Australia, every country in the world conducts covert operations to protect their own interests in other countries...and the U.S. is no different.

The ONLY difference is in the perception simply because it's become so popular and socially acceptable to bash the U.S. It's nothing but hypocrisy at its finest! Everyone talks crap about us, while their own country does the exact same kinds of things we do. Yet their media keeps citizens focused on American activities, while remaining blissfully quiet about their own secret activities. Don't want people to notice your own sins? Shift the focus onto the Americans! That always works! Hell, it's fun to bash America! The media successfully diverts attention away from your own country's sins by focusing on American activities...because people enjoy bashing America so much! Everyone likes throwing stick and stones more than they like dodging them. And now America is just a popular and socially acceptable target.

Want to talk about the Chinese and their stand on human liberties? Want to talk about Russia and the atrocities they've committed on their own civilians? Want to talk about the British and their covert operations? Don't even get me started on the Germans. North Korea? Any country in South America? Cuba? How about the African countries slaughtering millions and millions of their own citizens for political and financial greed.
Want to whine about the atrocities every other country in the world is guilty of?

No, you don't want to do that. That's not popular or acceptable. It simply is not politically correct. No, that would be "judgmental" if you did that to any other country.

But you start bashing the Americans and it's a party!!! People will chime in and laugh and have a great time bashing the U.S.A. right along with you.

So, you don't think America should try to "police" the world? Okay. Then YOU protect Taiwan from China. You protect South Korea from North Korea. You protect the Balkan states from genocide.

We waited four years for the European Union to do something about the genocide in the Balkans. And the EU did NOTHING! They allowed hundreds of thousands of innocent people to be slaughtered while they tried working on "diplomatic resolutions." Meanwhile, innocent women and children were getting slaughtered daily.

It wasn't until the U.S. stepped in and took control of the area that the slaughter stopped. Where were you? What did you do? You were too busy complaining about the U.S. and believing the media spin to see that we were doing your job! Something YOU should have been doing!

And what do we do after we've liberated a country from oppression? We don't inhabit the land, soak up their resources and take it over like most other countries do. We dump billions of dollars into their economy to revitalize the area and make them a self-sufficient,
economically strong democracy.

You say our war to free Kuwait from Iraq was a war over oil for our own benefit and financial gain? You're only PARTLY right, and you ignore the facts that make our involvement justified. Because that's Europe's oil! The oil from Kuwait mostly goes to China and Europe. Very little of it if any, comes here to the U.S. We sent tens of thousands of troops into Kuwait where they fought and died. And we pay more for the oil that we do get from that region than anyone else in the world! So don't tell me this was Bush's unrighteous war to keep my car filled up with gas. Saddam offered the U.S. oil at $10 a barrel if we would just allow him to stay in Kuwait. If the war had been all about oil and our own financial gain, that's a deal we would have jumped on! But we said NO! We freed the people of Kuwait from an invading army and kept YOUR oil flowing. What did your country do???

Japan is the third largest economy in the world, and they are 100% reliant on U.S. military for defense against nuclear arms. If we pulled the 7th Fleet out of the area it wouldn't take a year for China and N. Korea to swoop in and occupy Japan.

Japan is a non-nuke country. But they are surrounded by enemies who have nuclear capabilities like China and N. Korea. If we pulled out of the area, Japan would have no choice but to develop nuclear weapons for their own defense. And you think China would just stand by and allow that?? There is more to think about than just the military presence itself. The issues are much deeper and more complex than most average citizens understand. And if you judge the issues with cavalier scorn, you're nothing but an armchair quarterback, arrogant in your own ignorance.

Maybe you think we should just close every military base we have everywhere in the world
and bring our people home. Believe me, we would love that. But the world is NOT inherently a peaceful place. However, I can guarantee you it is much more peaceful now because of the military presence we provide than it would be if we were to pull out of
every foreign country.

You're right. Sometimes my government does do things I am ashamed of. So does yours, so get off our backs about it and judge your own government.

What? You think your politicians are so much more honest than everywhere else in the world? Than ours? Get a grip on the reality. Try being informed rather than just opinionated. Try doing research rather than simply swallowing the spin of your media. Stop jumping on the bandwagon of bashing the U.S.A. because it's fun and acceptable, and research what would happen if we did close down all our military bases.

Our government has also done things that were brave, meaningful and beneficial to the world. And if you're an ally of ours, our countries have done great things together for the safety of people all over.

Who then should we all trust to help keep freedom and democracy from being wiped out by every drug lord, terrorist, dictator and madman who wants your resources and land?
Someone has to. History shows us that without a military deterrent, countries will always seek to devour those other countries whose resources and wealth they covet.

Who do you want to trust with that? The Germans? How did that work out for ya the last time?

The Chinese? Only if you want a male-dominated, communist totalitarian society void of any human rights what-so-ever. Censorship is so deeply rooted in Chinese society that
they can't even read this web page there, much less utter a comment about it. And if they were able to, they would get sent to prison if they didn't say the right thing. Is that a better option for you?

Or maybe, you are so naive and stupid that you honestly think politicians in every country outside the U.S. will just suddenly start doing what is right for "their people?" We'll all just suddenly get along if it weren't for the United States?

You don't like our military being in your country? You don't like our military being stationed in your city or even in your back yard? You don't like our missiles defending your borders?
That's just too bad! If we're there, it's because someone smarter than you and me asked us to be there, and I'll bet for a damn good reason that you and I will probably never know anything about.

Our soldiers put themselves in harm's way knowing they might never make it home alive.
That's what our soldiers do when you ask them to do so, because they are Americans.
If you could defend yourselves without our help, we wouldn't be there.

Our soldiers leave family and friends behind. They leave loved ones and livelihoods they enjoy. They travel thousands of miles to meet the threat of tyranny with force and dignity,
because that's what they do. That's what Americans do. Because that's what you ask us to do. Because we're allies, you moron. And you're right. The cause may not always be gallant. But quite often, we do the dirty work you're incapable of doing, so stop bashing us and try to appreciate the peace we protect.

And it's not just our military, but also the American people who will stand and fight along with our allies to defend the principles of freedom and democracy anytime, anywhere we're asked. We will kill or be killed, right alongside you, or even for you, if you are unable to do so for yourself, because that's what we do for our allies.

So look at the whole picture if you want to talk crap about the U.S.A. Grab a gun and stand guard yourself if you don't like our military being stationed in your country. Talk to your own politicians if you think we should be "citizens of the world" rather than Americans. We are what we are, because its what we have to be, for your protection, as well as our own, for the very survival of the freedom you enjoy.

The next time some other madman decides to invade your country or threaten your freedoms, you know you will call on us for help. We know you will call on us for help. And you know, we will be there to die with you for the cause of freedom and democracy. You know Americans will fight, dig, kick, claw, crawl, scrape and scream to defend our allies
as much as we will to defend ourselves. We're America, and we don't leave our allies hanging in times of danger.

The European media portrays Americans as brash, arrogant, fat, lazy and stupid, with no culture of our own or any sense of the "world" community. Sticks and stones, you whiny little girl. Most of you don't have a clue about anything the U.S.A. contributes to the world community. You're just a bunch of sheeple who jump on the bandwagon of bashing America without any idea of what you're talking about. We have a rich and deep culture that's inherently American. We may still be a young country compared to many, but we have had a strong industrial and agricultural community that's grown up quick, and created a people rich in tradition and culture. And you probably know nothing about it. But bashing the Americans is easier than learning about our culture. The European media and all you sheeple can say about us whatever you want. All we hear is you crying about how your butt hurts.

Americans are not perfect. We have our problems. We don't get along with everyone. Hell, our own people can't even get along with each other most of the time. But there is one thing that has always been true and remains true to this very day. When things get bad or threatening, Americans WILL and DO pull together like no one else, and we will meet any threat head on, with a determined resolve matched by no other people on this Earth.

America is, and always will be, the land of the free, BECAUSE we're the home of the brave. And I mean the American people. There is no such thing as a "last line of defense" for America. All the way down to the last civilian, we will fight, suffer, bleed and die to protect ourselves, our country and our families and friends from any threat, foreign or domestic. Down to the last civilian, we will sacrifice all. If necessary, we will fight with knife, club, stone, axe or sticks to defend the way of life that we love, and sustain the freedoms that we AND YOU enjoy and take for granted, and we will not count the cost.

And you know this is true.

So, say what you want. Cry, bitch, moan, whine and whimper all you want. Talk about us, Laugh at us. Call us names. We don't care! Hate us on YouTube and in chat rooms and all over the internet. We don't care. Sit behind the safety of your computers, enjoying the freedoms that we help you maintain, and hate on us all you want. Gather your mobs and protestors and chant all your anti-American slogans in front of the TV cameras. Everyone knows the mindless stupidity of mob mentalities. No one listens to you. No one cares. We don't care. Burn our flag. The world knows what it sees. You crying like spoiled, whiny little bitches, while taking advantage of the freedom of speech WE helped you fight to keep in the first place. So go on and enjoy your freedoms. Because we know, when your enemies threaten AGAIN in your back yard, the cry of, "The Americans are coming to help!" will brighten your day.

If you sleep well at night, in the shadow of the nuclear missiles of China, Russia and North Korea; if you live daily within the reach of those same armies that would dearly LOVE to achieve world domination, we know, that you know, that you are able to sleep well at least partly because you know we've got your backs.


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