What is the appeal of Donald Trump?


In a nutshell, he's not a politician, he's a successful businessman. It's about time someone started running this country like a business and making good business decisions that benefit us. We're so sick to death of career politicians that we'll jump at the chance to get them out of D.C. as quick as possible and get someone in there who will start using some basic, decent common sense.

Besides, could we do worse than what we have now?


Make no mistake about it. The majority of the American people are mad as hell!


And rightfully so!

Until now, no one in Washington has been willing to listen to us, or cared that we were angry, or even cared what we were angry about. We've had no true, honest representation in D.C. for decades.

We've had no voice.

Even when we use our vote to show our anger and displeasure with the direction of this country and the policies of the current administration by handing both the house and the senate to Republicans and give Republicans landslide victories in key Democratic states, what's the response we get to our statement?

Obama says he "...heard the voices of all those who didn't vote." After our initial shock at hearing his response, we SCREAMED again in anger about that.

It was at that point when we suddenly realized just how alone we really were. It was at that point when we realized how abandoned we were, just how completely and fully the political system of this country had betrayed us.

No one had heard us, and no one cared. The silent majority of this once-great country realized just exactly how abusive, arrogant, insulated and elite the "Washington political machine" had become, and that the only time most politicians could be bothered with "we, the people," was when they wanted our vote...or our tax money.

Other than that, we are just some obscure entity to them, nameless, faceless, like a herd of cattle, existing not as a collective of bright, intelligent, individuals with hearts, minds, opinions, thoughts and feelings, but like a conglomerate of resources at their disposal. Existing but for one purpose: To give them whatever they need from us, whenever they need it, be it our money or our vote, then to be forgotten again, until they needed us again for something else.

Our voice has been continually ignored, ridiculed, rejected, insulted, mocked and belittled...until now.

Donald Trump gives us the voice for which we have been seeking. That voice that cannot be ignored, which calls things clearly, like they are, without the spin. That voice which has the balls to stand up and make their opinions known, whether you like them or not. That voice that reflects the feelings, thoughts and sentiments of us, the silent majority, who is sick to death of being oppressed, taken advantage of, lied to and used by typical politicians who live in an insulated bubble, immune to the consequences of the laws and policies they enact for us.

That's the appeal of Donald Trump. He's not "politics as usual."

He's not perfect. He's got faults like a real human being. But that's also part of the appeal of Donald Trump. He's a real human being.

He doesn't try to portray an image of political polish and perfection. In the world of politics, rarely does anyone allow themselves to be real. Rarely do we ever get to know the real person behind the "politician." We get to see exactly what the politician and all his advisers and consultants and assistants think would portray them in the best light. We get to see an image, carefully crafted, skilled in the art of persuasion, carefully trained and well rehearsed, with much attention to detail, by the finest artisans in the political arena.

Trump ignores that and puts himself out there. We feel we know him. From his appearances on TV and talk shows to the many articles about his business ventures to his dealings with business associates all around the globe, we have a feeling of familiarity with Trump. We may not like him personally, and we may not like everything he says, but we respect him for his accomplishments and, secretly, we all wish we were as successful as him.

He is not "politics as usual." He couldn't care less about political correctness or spin. He ignores complaints about his brash comments and simply replies with,

"Forget that. We don't have time for political correctness. Do you want to make this country great again or not? Do you want to stop the lunacy that's going on in our country right now? Do you want to change the direction of this country? Do you want more money in your pockets as disposable income? Then follow me. Elect me president and I'll make that happen."

And we are inclined to believe him.

Why? Because he represents a tangible alternative to all the things we hate about politics and politicians.

We are sick to death of politics as usual.

We are sick to death of our elected officials being insulated from the fallout and consequences of the policies and laws they enact for us.

We are mad as hell about the lies, spin, the division, the dishonesty and the "we-know-what's-better-for-you-than-you-do" mentality of big government.

We are sick to death that EVERY TIME the U.S. government gets it's hands into something, it goes to pot from plain and simple incompetence and all-encompassing bureaucracy.

When was the last time the thought of the U.S. government taking over management of something and meddling in your affairs brought you feelings of comfort and joy?

When did the government's involvement in ANYTHING make it better?

However, we are kind of inclined to think that, if Donald Trump got involved in something on our behalf, it actually would get better.

The American people are sick to death of political correctness run amok, dictating how we should think, feel, AND ACT about everything from immigration to sexuality; from terrorists to the food we eat; from finances to religion to grade school curriculum to whether we should be proud to fly the American flag on our own front yard.

Even on the 5th of May!

We are sick to death that political correctness has replaced common sense in our country.

We are sick to death that those living in poverty are given scapegoats to blame for the results of the poor life decisions they've made.

I understand some people are impoverished through no fault of their own. I understand how sickness can rob people of their livelihood and render them incapable of earning a decent living. I am sensitive to that fact and to them. And I do ABSOLUTELY believe it's our responsibility to provide for them through social programs.

But sometimes you are oppressed or impoverished because you made bad life decisions. We are sick to death of no one taking responsibility for their own actions, and the liberal politically correct mob providing scapegoats for every hardship in your life, and taking money out of our pockets so you don't have to work harder, get more training or schooling, or do anything to improve your living circumstances. We are sick to death that you feel you are owed a free ride in life, and we're sick to death of supporting you.

If you quit school in the 10th grade, have metal sticking through your nose, lips, tongue and eyebrows, have ink on your arms, hands, fingers, neck and cheeks, don't know the difference between "their," "there" and "they're," and can't hold a coherent conversation during a job interview, then you deserve to be working in fast food or a convenience store, and you should be thankful someone even gave you a job.

And no, it's not my fault you graduated 10th grade and can't read.

It's also not your teacher's fault. It's YOUR fault. And if you don't like where your decisions have landed you in life, YOU do something to help yourself.

Donald Trump has a deep and abiding respect for the true heroes of this country. The men and women who work hard, pay their bills, provide for their families, and take responsibility for their own actions.

He respects people who make full use of their potential, whatever those potentials may be. And he strongly feels that your life can matter. Whether rich, poor or middle-class, your life matters.

Black lives matter. White lives matter. Cops lives matter. Gay lives matter. ALL lives matter!
That's the common sense of it!

And Donald Trump stands up and provides our voice on those issues.

We are sick to death of illegal immigrants coming into this country, getting free benefits and living better than most of us who have worked hard just to keep our noses above water.

For the first time in my life I wished I was an illegal immigrant so I could afford food, a decent car and heart medication.

We are sick to death of those politically correct liberals who label us as racists just for calling illegal immigrants what they are:Illegal immigrants!

We are sick to death that the liberal politically correct mob spin our opinions on immigration into making us look like racist buffoons.

We are sick to death that they won't hear us. We ARE NOT against immigrants. We are PROUD so many want to come and be a part of this great nation. We are NOT against LEGAL immigration!

Virtually NO ONE is against LEGAL immigration. We appreciate immigrants. We recognize their contribution to our country, our history, and we accept them as equal citizens AFTER they have completed the necessary LEGAL steps to become an American citizen. We recognize their patriotism and their right to call this "their" country...after they have LEGALLY become United States citizens.

That's the sentiment of the overwhelming majority of Americans. And that is a fair, open, realistic stance to have on immigration. It's not racist, it's not oppressive. It's fair, honest and makes sense.

Ivana Trump LEGALLY became an American citizen! We respect her for that, and she is welcome, as a citizen, into our country!

It's almost become an accepted fact that our immigration system doesn't work. Democrats and Republicans alike casually throw this out as an accepted fact so often, we don't even bother question that statement anymore.

But what on earth is wrong with our immigration system? Is there really something wrong with expecting people to learn OUR language? Shouldn't they know something about our constitution? About our history? Shouldn't they know how to count money and go to classes to learn how to survive in this country? Shouldn't the immigration system that millions of people have successfully used for centuries, and are still using today, still be good enough for those crossing our southern borders now???

Our immigration system is not broken. It works just fine!! Anyone with even a modicum of common sense knows every illegal admitted to this country is nothing but a Democratic vote.

The liberals say we shouldn't penalize people for not being born here. Great. Okay. But we shouldn't reward them for it, either.

More importantly, our government shouldn't penalize us FOR having been born here!

And when Donald Trump says he wants to close the borders and block the fast-track to citizenship, all the liberal Democrats see two things.

1. They see him alienating the voters who are illegal immigrants, so they vilify Trump's stand on illegal immigration through the liberal mainstream media.

2. They realize that, if Trump's stand on illegal immigration gains in popularity, that will mean fewer voters for Democrats, so they vilify Trump and his stand on illegal immigration through the liberal mainstream media.

Either way, Donald Trump stands in the face of those detractors and tells it like it is...like the majority of Americans feel about illegal immigration.

We are sick to death of the elite, wealthy politicians who earn MILLIONS of dollars for speaking engagements saying they were flat broke, just to make people think they are in touch with the common people!

When muslim terrorists are cutting off the heads of American citizens and splashing it all over YouTube and Twitter and chanting "Death to America," I'm labeled a terrorist by the liberal left because I am a responsible gun owner and believe in my 2nd Amendment rights??!!??

Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my guns!

While illegal immigrants shoot and kill innocent Americans just for the fun of it, I'm called a terrorist?

The liberal Democrats are just like most other politicians. They don't care one tiny bit about you, me or the illegals. The only thing they care about is being popular and guaranteeing votes. The only thing about you that matters is your vote. Period.

Donald Trump tells it like it is, and THAT'S why the polls show so many are ready to give him their vote. Because, frankly, he doesn't care whether you like what he says or not. And he is seeing the power of the silent majority of Americans standing behind him, supporting him.

We are so sick to death of politicians who make empty promises, who make us have to guess what is truth and what it isn't, what they'll do, what they won't do, and what they believe, that we're clamoring after someone willing to speak his mind and just show us exactly who and what he is, and what we'll get in return for our vote.

We are sick to death of politicians, who are insulated from the consequences of their rules, laws and regulations, mandating how we should live, act, think and conduct our lives. The rules and laws passed by the politicians who rule this country continue to oppress us, take money out of our wallets, take food from our tables, squeeze our budgets until there is less and less left to show for our hard work, and squeeze our
freedoms, liberties and happiness right out of existence.

We are mad as hell because, while those elite and insulated politicians live better and better, with free healthcare, multiple homes, multiple vacations, assistants and servants and pool boys and drivers and all the luxuries they could possibly want, we have to choose between medications and food...between taking our beloved pet to the vet or a trip to the zoo...between seeing a doctor for ourselves or taking our car to a mechanic to get it fixed.

We're mad as hell because political correctness dictates that we can't call muslim terrorists, muslim terrorists, while we watch them behead our citizens.

We're mad as hell that our jobs have gone to India, Mexico, China, Indonesia, and other foreign countries, while liberal politicians spin data telling us how much our GDP has grown.

We're mad as hell that, while there are fewer people working now than at any other time in history, liberal politicians tell us how great the economy is doing and how unemployment figures have improved.

We're mad as hell that our allies no longer trust us, and our enemies no longer fear us.

Our enemies mock us, while Obama hands over BILLIONS of dollars to Iran, while their citizens chant "Death to America," and Obama tells us that's not indicative of how they really feel about us.

Our liberal leaders hand over billions of dollars to our enemies, while we struggle to make ends meet, with the ever-growing weight on our backs of supporting illegal immigrants and entitlements for those who simply don't want to work.

We're mad as hell that the majority of Americans are being forced to respect the rights of, and give special privileges to, illegals, homosexuals, transgendered, muslims and all other minorities, while OUR rights and freedoms of expression are oppressed, ridiculed and mocked!

It's fine to place a crucifix in a jar of urine, burn a Bible or call Jesus disgusting names. But we don't DARE offend muhammad. And if we do? We "deserve" getting murdered.

We're mad as hell that Obama is a president ONLY to the liberals.

We're mad as hell about our veterans dying from lack of proper medical care, that the I.R.S. has the power to, AND DOES, crush any organization that DARES disagree with the political correctness of a liberal administration, and that the E.P.A. can enact regulations to fine a poor farmer for a cow drinking rain water out of a ditch on his own property.

We're mad as hell that our national debt is now $18,000,000,000,000.00 and growing so fast, most people can't even comprehend how much trouble we're in because of it.

We're mad as hell that, under Obama, our national credit rating has been downgraded...TWICE!

We're mad as hell that the overwhelming majority of mainstream media in this country caters to the liberal left and spins every story in their favor.

Donald Trump gives us a voice. Donald Trump is the voice that will be heard above the lunacy of the liberal political machine that's harpooning our rights, our freedoms, basic, decent common sense and advancing the failed policies of Washington elite politicians.

Trump stands on a stage and calls an illegal immigrant exactly what he is: an illegal immigrant...and we cheer and clap and finally feel like SOMEONE hears us.

Liberal political correctness dictates that the problem is NEVER with the incompetent person, or the person committing the illegal actions, or the person void of morality.

Rather, the problem is with the one who points out the abhorrent behavior. The person who points out the murderer or the criminal act or the lack of ethics or the incompetence is the problem, NOT the person or organization that's actually performing the corrupt behavior.

Donald Trump has NO problem saying, "You're fired!" He places blame directly and exactly where it belongs, and we scream with approval that someone FINALLY has the balls to stand up to the illogical, nonsensical lunacy that D.C. and politically correct policy mandates.

Donald Trump IS the voice we've been trying to have for years.

Donald Trump plainly and clearly states the feelings of millions of Americans, and we're thrilled to feel like we have finally found someone who is NOT a politician, but to whom the politicians MUST listen.

We have been crying for years that the only thing wrong with the political system in this country is that it's full of politicians.

Donald Trump is not the crisp, slick, shiny, professional politician to which most are accustomed. So what does the media say about him? They insult him, belittle him and mock him because he just doesn't seem "presidential." After the first Republican debates, the media gathered people together who said Trump just wasn't "presidential" and didn't seem like a "polished politician."

Well, YAY!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!

Haven't we had enough of the slick, professional politicians?

Didn't we try sending a strong, clear message in the last general election, only to be ignored and our message lost in the sea of the Washington political machine?

Obama heard louder the voices of all those who didn't vote in the last election?

Okay. Fine! Well, here's a message for you, Washington. Let's see if you can hear Donald Trump's voice, because he is echoing the voices of millions of Americans, and I don't think it'll be as easy for you to ignore HIS voice.

Donald Trump is exactly what we've been saying we wanted...NEEDED...in Washington for decades.

Trump is the modern day equivalent of many of our founding fathers. We have this romanticized image of what George Washington, Ben Franklin, John Hancock, Paul Revere, John Adams, James Madison, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry were like. In reality, many of them had exactly the same type of personality and demeanor as Donald Trump.

They fought with each other, they insulted each other, some of them hated each other, and many of them were not the savory characters we like to pretend they were. But they all had one thing in common: Common sense. They could see the lunacy of the British rule and had vision enough to create a system of government that would stand up against the oppression of Britain and establish something that provided better for the people of this country.

Regardless of their feelings for one another, they were able to unite under a common cause and do something truly extraordinary.

They knew what risks they were taking and stood strong in the face of adversity. The didn't worry about hurting feelings or catering to the meek or pandering to the minorities. They knew what had to be done and they had the balls to do it.

They knew what was at stake, and they tackled truly weighty issues. They risked life and limb, financial fortune, and stood firm on the morals and ethics of their beliefs.

And our current leaders can't balance a budget. What a sorry contrast that is.

This country is in deep, deep trouble. Too many of our citizens have forgotten the lessons of history and have enveloped themselves in a false sense of security. They can't imagine that this nation will ever collapse. They can't visualize true financial ruin. They have a stylized sense of security that America will always stand strong...that this nation will never fail, we'll never be invaded, we'll never suffer another financial collapse like in 1929, we'll never be in the position Greece is in right now.

It was just 70 years ago Hitler was standing under the Arch of Triumph in France, surveying what he had conquered. People can't believe anything like that could ever happen to us now.

It can. And God knows, there is a growing list of people, cultures and regimes that would love nothing more than seeing the U.S. wiped off the face of the map.

The Roman Empire. Greece. Egypt. The Ottoman Empire. All empires in history have fallen and been conquered. And without true leadership, we will, too. We are already faltering, stumbling, growing weaker by the day. And that corruption comes from within, and starts with our weak leadership.

If Trump will stand up to the political machine in this country, and even his own Republican party, think about how he'll stand up to the political leaders of China and Russia. No one will intimidate him.

Trump shows respect only to those who have earned it. Not because some politically correct protocol says he should respect them.

Think about how he'll stand up to those middle eastern countries that hate us and want to wipe us off the map. Think he'll bow to them like Obama did? Not on your life! Instead, he'll demand they respect him!

Do you think our friends and allies would rather have Donald Trump on their side as a proponent or against them as an enemy?

If you were in a meeting with all the political leaders of the world, would you want Donald Trump negotiating for you, or against you???

Donald Trump gives a voice to the millions of us who feel betrayed by our leaders, who seem not to care about us except during an election and at tax time.

Donald Trump says the things most of us think, but are too oppressed by the current climate of political correctness to say.

Donald Trump is that political anti-hero many have been waiting for.

And one final observation. Obama divides. Not only the country, but his own political machine. He won't work with conservatives. He won't work with anyone, even a Democrat, who disagrees with him. He openly mocks Republican conservatives. He belittles them. He makes them the butt of his jokes. He calls them names and leaves them out of events and parties. He blames them for ever failure he's had. He does nothing to heal the divides in Washington between liberals and conservatives, or to heal the divides in this nation. He only increases that divide until it's wider now than ever before.

Trump has a proven track record of successfully working with all types of people. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, conservatives, liberals, people of all colors, nationalities, religions, sexual orientation, gender and age.

Will Trump win the nomination and eventually the presidency? I have no idea.

But I do know one thing. Unless something from her past finally opens up and swallows Hillary whole, Trump is probably the only Republican candidate with enough wit, intelligence, personality, bravado and boldness to defeat her.

If for no other reason, he'll get my vote for that.