Truth is, after all, a moving target.



Truth is, after all, a moving target.


I am a huge fan of Rush. The band, Rush. The Canadian band. As I read an article on PMSNBC about the latest poll on Obama's popularity, or lack there of, I was reminded of a Rush song I like a lot.


It's a song about truth. What made me think of it was how, even when the numbers of the recent poll show Obama's support lower than ever, the people feeling he is unable to lead this once-great nation, and how unpopular both his foreign and domestic policies are, they still found the need to say the Republican party is unpopular as well. Kind of insinuating that, even though no one likes Obama and knows he's the worst thing that's ever happened to this country, we don't have any better choices.


It made me think about how deceived many of the American people are if they get all their information from the liberal mainstream media. If someone doesn't have the fortitude to go out and LOOK for the truth, they'll receive a steady diet of lies, spin, slanted opinion and manipulation.


The lyrics of the Rush song of which I'm reminded are,


"Truth is, after all, a moving target."

"How can anybody be enlightened?

Truth is, after all, so poorly lit."


And that's the plain, simple truth about mainstream media.