To Give What You Have



~~To give what you have.~~


To give what you have in abundance is a trait not easily sustained.


There are always those around willing to partake of what you give. Giving may be a pleasure for you. Giving may fulfill you. So it might not matter to you who gives back to you and who does not.


Those who take what you freely give may have needs to fulfill. They may have wants for which to provide. They may hoard all they gather and share nothing, saving all they've been given for themselves to feast upon at their own whim.


Others may feel blessed by your gift of giving and share with others. They may give back to you out of appreciation. They may start a cycle of perpetual giving and sharing that becomes satisfying and fulfilling for you both. They may share the wealth you share with others, who also share with others what they have received, begetting a community of givers and sharers.


Some do, some don't.


Some must, some can't.


It is neither our right nor is it our duty to decide which of these another should be. They each must walk their own path. For many are they who will receive from you, yet are unable to give back. May they be blessed by many.


But there is one universal truth for all. If you give all and receive nothing, you'll soon be empty, and it's no one's fault but your own.


Plant your seeds appropriately, harvest what you can, share what you may, but don't forget about yourself. That's not selfish. That's wisdom. For as is always the case, the one who cares about everyone else before themselves, is always the loneliest person.



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