The Tides of Time



~~The Tides of Time~~


When in the tides of time you find
an icy strangeness, so divine.
It grips your heart and tears your mind
and illusion caresses your soul.


As paranoia slowly creeps,
your passion starts to flow so deep.
But love plays dangerous games for keeps
and wisdom has no role.


For love can surely blind your eyes
and wear a friendly, kind disguise,
then steal emotions and hypnotize.
On the trusting it takes it's toll.


For endless binds are what we seek.
Strength for the lowly, securing the weak,
when suddenly, lying lips will speak
of passion for evermore.


But people seem to need this state,
so blindly on they test their fate.
Their own soul they'll willingly violate,
and succumb to the pain of love.



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