I remember when America was great



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October 16, 2016


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The thing that scares me the most in Hillary's latest leaked wall street speeches is this quote:


Clinton said her “...dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.”


In her defense, she SAYS she was talking about trade. In reality, the pattern shows she lies and will say anything at any time to appease whatever current audience she's speaking to. The plain and simple history and pattern she's shown on the issue of illegal immigrants would strongly suggest she does indeed favor open borders if for no other reason than that they overwhelmingly all vote Democrat.


Open borders? Think about what that actually means for our country!


All those things of which Hillary dreams will greatly benefit The Clinton Global Initiative, The Clinton Foundation, Wall Street, our biggest banks, global corporations and the Clinton family themselves. Not the sovereignty of this nation or we the people.


But, alas, it now seems the Clinton political machine is too big to fail, too big to fight, too big to ever be accountable to anyone but themselves and their investors, just like the banks who got the trillions of dollars in bail-out money. Too big to fail. Hillary and the Clinton political machine truly are above the law. The Clintons, and everybody associated with or contributing to the Clinton political machine truly are now fully insulated from the laws and rules that govern us. To those inside that machine, we the people are nothing but cattle being led through the turnstiles, a mass of humanity being governed by the needs of the minority of the people, inconveniencing the majority of the people, creating resentment and division on both sides.


You may be thrilled about this right now, because you honestly feel Hillary is on “your side,” knows what's best for you, knows what's best for this country, and you're willing to do anything to defeat Trump.


What happens when the Clinton machine changes direction with the blowing of the political winds of that day? Or with the “donation” of millions and billions from a foreign entity who demands something specific in return for said donation? A political machine as big and as all-encompassing as what the Clinton's have built has enough power to control every aspect of your life.


What if...what if...they are actually only doing what's best for them, and manipulating your beliefs through lies, deceit and selfish motives?


Every media outlet except for Fox, One America News Network and all the smaller conservative news agencies like Drudge, Breitbart and IJR, are absolutely and firmly ensconced in the Clinton machine. 80% of everything you read, watch and hear are geared toward manipulating your thoughts, feelings and opinions toward how wonderful and great the Clintons are and how superior are the liberal ideals. 80%. If all you do is read headlines of mainstream media, repeat sound bytes, watch CNN, or follow only the 80% of the mainstream media who blatantly admits they heavily favor a positive Democratic spin, then you are indeed being manipulated.


The Attorney General, The Supreme Court, The FBI, The IRS, The Secret Service, Wall Street, our biggest banks, The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, USA Today, 99% of Hollywood, MGM, Paramount, Time-Warner, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, the auto industry, insurance corporations and our healthcare system, even the governments of many foreign countries, are all firmly rooted in the Clinton Political machine.


IS this a fact? Yes. They have all donated billions to The Clinton Global Initiative and The Clinton Foundation, and to Hillary's election campaign.


Let's apply just a modicum of logic and common sense to this issue. Do you think donating that much money doesn't come with some kind of expectations of favor or return??Do you think the Middle Eastern countries who have donated to Hillary's campaign simply have the best interest of the American people in it's heart? Do you think Wells Fargo and Goldman-Sachs just think Hillary is more in touch with the middle class, so they support her out of their ethical and moral standards?? I beg you to please wake up and apply just the tiniest measure of logic to this reasoning.


Here's a bombshell for you. It's not going to stop with Hillary. After Hillary, Chelsea will be next in line, continuing the manipulation and control of the Clinton political machine. We're not looking at eight years of Hillary. We're looking at 16 more years of the Clinton political machine.


I promise you, I guarantee you, within Hillary's term in office as president, the Bill of Rights will be amended in every way possible to make way for easier implementation of liberal agendas in every aspect of our lives and social structure. Laws that govern us will be implemented without due course by executive order, and we will become subjects to the rule of the liberal agenda of the most powerful political dynasty on earth, without legal recourse or action.


Again, if you're a liberal, that might thrill you...right now. But eventually a totalitarian regime such as the Clintons have constructed will turn against everyone but themselves, and you'll have applauded and cheered all along the way. Remember that when your friends are arrested for daring to disagree with the supreme leaders of this dynasty. Remember this thrill you feel when citizens are persecuted for daring to think for themselves. Remember your cheers when the liberal machine decided your money is their money, because they know how to spend it better than you do. Remember your thrill when people are persecuted for being Christian or Catholic, or gay, or Jewish, or elderly, or whatever other strain on liberal society they determine must be eradicated.


We can no longer effectively fight against corruption and deceit this rampant, this blatant, this politically correct. The Clinton political machine is now poised to consume our nation. The time has come when those of us who remember "the greatest generation" of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the standards and ideals that guided this nation for over 200 years, to “let it go” and accept the new America that's being formed. The Clintons have skillfully built a machine that's too far outside the reach of the law to ever find it necessary to work within the confines of that law, and which controls so much of this country that no one will ever mount a successful legal stand against them.


Every empire in history has eventually fallen, usually collapsing under its own weight, and we all must now accept that this is the end of The United States of America as our founding father's envisioned.


Let them take my rights, my ability to defend myself, my healthcare, my liberty, my pride, my money, my choices. Let them control my news, my information, my entertainment, my resources, my energy, my food, my water, my sovereignty. Let them call me names, personally insult me for disagreeing, all under the liberal guise of “embracing diversity,” because soon the rights of free speech and freedom of religion will be gone, too, deemed “hate crimes” by a liberal government bent on total control of thought as well as deed.


Let me slip quietly into my old age, into obscurity, into irrelevancy, holding on to the memories I have of a time when this country truly was great. Let me fly my American flag while it's still legal to do so. Let me thank God and profess my belief in Jesus while it's still legal to do so. Let me remain friends with Pagans and agnostics, gay people, trans people, Christians, Jews, gentiles, musicians, artists, teachers, police officers, all my friends, of all walks of life, while it's still legal for me to do so, before liberal-mandated political correctness begin to dictate law in this once-great nation. Let me quietly remember when my vision for the future had hope.


I have no faith, trust or belief in the Clinton political machine, therefore I have no more faith or hope for this country. I am old, and I have studied history...something they no longer teach our youth in our liberal school system, by liberal design. Yet, the adage is now, and will always be true. Those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it, as we are doing right now.


Good-bye to the America I knew and loved. Good-bye to common decency as a moral and ethical virtue and decision, rather than an enforced law. Good-bye to that greatest generation, who stood firm and brave in the face of unbelievable adversity and sacrifice, and saved the world from a fate worse than death. Good-bye to the nation who once represented hope and liberty to the rest of the world. Good-bye to that great power who once brought hope and security to our allies, and fear and caution to our enemies.


At least, as I slip into my twilight, I can always say, "I remember when America was great."