Hillary if-I-only-had-a-brain Clinton

called me a terrorist.



Well, Hillary, in her infinite superiority, has publicly decreed that law-abiding gun owners are no better than terrorists.

Legal, law-abiding gun owners who have succeeded in obtaining their concealed carry license, who can prove they have never been convicted of a felony, are not a fugitive from justice, have no wants or warrants, have never been incarcerated due to mental defect, have never been arrested for domestic violence, are not drug addicts or alcoholics, have undergone both local criminal background checks and FBI national background checks, have proven on a gun range with a certified firearms safety
instructor that they are knowledgeable about firearm safety and handling, and have undergone hours of special training on the responsibility of firearm usage, are terrorists.

She calls me a terrorist while the blood of Benghazi is still wet on her hands.


While we see real terrorists cutting off the heads of innocent victims on video, while real terrorists are bombing schools and kidnapping littloe girls and selling them into sex slavery, while real terrorists are attempting ggenocide against Israel, the U.S., and anyone else who isn't muslim, Hillary says I am no better than a terrorist.

She emphasizes that gun owners are a "minority," let me say that again, a MINORITY of the American people, making it sound like we're two or three hundred little, meaningless people, running around in the woods, beating drums, praying to the great moon goddess, making irritating noises that disrupt the vast majority of REAL Americans.

Hillary must have a crystal ball. Probably the same one she used for her statistically impossible gains in her cattle futures investments.

Professional polling firms like Gallop and the Rand think tank can't even come up with actual statistics. Some estimates say gun owners are actually a majority by a slim margin. Others say a minority by a slim margin. If you research this topic, estimates will be from 47 million Americans to 197 million. We just don't know.

There is no national gun registry. Plus, if some random yahoo calls me on the phone and asks me if I own a gun, I'm going to say "No." and hang up.

Be that as it may, legal, law-abiding gun owners make up a significant number of Americans. And it's truly insulting for someone like Hillary, who somehow feels qualified to govern us, to dismiss us like that troublesome kid no one in the neighborhood wants to play with.

She trivializes us and our values! She dismisses us! She belittles us! She lies and fabricates spin for her own personal gain. She's not even doing it for the good of her party much less for the good of this country. She does it for her own personal gain!

And there has been no significant outrage over her calling over 100 million Americans terrorists.

Why not? And why do I think it's more for her own personal gain than even for political posturing?

Because of the history! The patterns! The track record! She does, everything she does, for her own personal gain. And fears nothing about reaping the consequences.

Hillary is doing about the same thing Obama is. Like Obama, there is so much rampant lunacy in her statements and activities that no one can focus on just one, single act of stupidity and organize a meaningful and successful response before another episode of lunacy steals the show.

The Clintons have always been a shady bunch. Remember the cattle futures? Remember all the scandals that were mentioned, but the Clintons were protected from by a loving, dutiful liberal mass media?

(If HIllary was flat broke after coming out of the White House, why didn't she invest in cattle futures again? She turned $1,000 into $100,000 in ten months. With that kind of brilliant strategy, she should NEVER have been broke!)

I also remember when the Clintons vacated the White House and took a bunch of furniture and furnishings with them. They had to be forced to return it all.

And their response?

"Oh. We thought they were gifts we were allowed to take." LMAO!!!!! And, as usual, the liberals accepted that without question.

To me, that's like someone swiping my wallet from off my dresser, then saying they didn't steal it because I let them have it.

The Whitewater scandal?

Monica? "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

Bill giving favored nation status to China?

Bill signing the NAFTA? Ross Perot was right. We DID hear that giant sucking sound of American jobs going to other countries, and we CAN now look out in the parking lot and see more Japanese cars than American cars.

Vince Foster and his suspicious death?

Paula Jones?

Seventeen men who have served Bill Clinton as aides or bodyguards have died violently, four of them during the Waco massacre and the rest in plane crashes.

Five other plane crashes have killed persons in the Clinton orbit.

There have been six deaths of unknown causes, six apparent suicides, 3 murders, 2 fatal skiing accidents, and one fatal car accident.

There have also been a number of beatings, including of a man who had videotaped Clinton entering Gennifer Flowers' apartment. His tapes were seized.

All of these are in addition to the Vince Foster and Jerry Parks deaths.

And now, after all these years, the course is finally laid out for Hillary to get her hands on the American health care system should she gain the presidency in 2016. Remember, Bill put her in charge of that during his administration and they just couldn't quite get it done.

And this woman, with this history, this track record for deceit, criminal acts and treachery, is in line to determine our rights to defend ourselves against the violent criminal element the rest of the world poses to us.

If I could focus on one topic, it would be the gun-rights issue. Because without our ability to defend ourselves against the REAL terrorists, both foreign and domestic, none of our other rights matter, because we'll be like cattle being led to the slaughter.


And, I'm sorry. Concern about defending myself and my country against those factions who seek to destroy us are NOT the thoughts of a terrorist.