America is not an islamic country...

and it never will be.


The U.S.A. is not a muslim country, and it never will be.



Think about this. The fact that I am writing this, expressing my opinion about the muslim religion, is grounds for me to be beheaded under sharia law. The very title of this article would render me guilty of a crime under sharia law and worthy of a horrible death. The very fact that I refuse to capitalize the words "islam," "islamic," "muslim," or "sharia" make be guilty of a crime worthy of death. (Although, I do capitalize those words when they are the first words in a is grammatically correct. I hold grammatical correctness in higher regard than I do political correctness.)


I’m not going to write a long, flowing article about my feelings on islam and the direction Obama is trying to take this country. I’m simply going to state some facts that, from my point of view, support the notion that Obama favors islam over Christianity.


The first obvious one is: Obama is trying to soften Americans into accepting that islam as a truly nurturing, tolerant, peaceful religion capable of coexisting in this country alongside Christianity. Islam, by it's very design, seeks to crush any and all other religions and become the one and only accepted, legal religion in the entire world. There is no balance with islam. There is no "peaceful coexistance" with islam and any other religion. No matter who says what, the religion is specifically designed to be the one and only religion in the world. And that is a plain and simple fact.


And right about now is when all the libtards will label me islamophobic, a redneck, call me names and disregard anything else I have to say, even denying the truth of the statement I just made. They'll call me a "hater" and laugh at me and accuse me of spreading hate and anti-islamic propoganda...which, honestly, is partly true.


Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.


Obama says islam is a religion with a long history of tolerance. I call bullshit. It’s not, and anyone with an ounce of common sense, intelligence, and the slightest grip on their own minds rather than believing the liberal media spin knows that statement is bullshit.


islam doesn’t piss me off. muslims don’t piss me off. Obama shoving that religion down my throat and being so sneaky about his islamic priority over Christianity is what pisses me off.


Obama let Bergdahl’s dad praise allah in a rose garden ceremony, then hugged him and walked off arm-in-arm with him and his wife. THAT pisses me off!


No matter who wants it, and no matter who thinks islam will conquer America, I know it will never happen. It will gain in popularity. I know it’s the fastest growing religion in the U.S. now. And they might become an accepted part of this nation. But they will never take over America. There are too many people, Christians and non-Christians, religious and secular, who will never be told who or how to worship. That makes me smile.


I don’t care if you like my opinions of islam and muslims or not. Nobody cares if I’m insulted as a Christian. Nobody walks on eggshells around me. Nobody hides their disdain for my spiritual beliefs or religions. No one is afraid to insult me and my religious beliefs for fear of being beheaded. (That alone should tell you all you need to know!) And I DO NOT care if you expect me to show the tolerance of muslims and islam the libtard political correctness deems is acceptable. It’s not gonna happen. No, I’m not a racist redneck. The fact is, I’m intolerant of ANY religion who doesn’t practice the same rules of tolerance and acceptance they demand for themselves.


People, usually libtards, justify the actions of islam's violence by comparing it to the history of Christianity. Yes, many have died in the past at the hands of people doing "God's work." The history of Christianity is soaked in blood just like the history of most people and religions.


But, that is also the history of all society. during the Spanish Inquisition, the culture was much different then than it is now. Other than odd cults or fringe elements, you have to go back hundreds or thousands of years to find Christianity oppressing and torturing masses of people, or attempting to commit genocide of other faiths. With islam, you have to go back to...yesterday.


Islam is still practicing the same barbaric behavior they always have. Never never never in its history has it been able to coexist with any other religion for very long. And during those times when it did coexist, it was simply quietly plotting the demise of that other religion.


You HAVE to try to understand that the Quran instructs its followers to lie. It instructs its followers on how to feel toward people of other religions. It's their duty to advance the state of islam and crush any opposition, whether through peaceful means, or by force.


Americans do NOT like being told what to do or how to act or how to think. And we especially don't like being told what to feel. Even the non-religious people are in for a rude awakening if they were to learn the truth about islam and sharia law. By not practicing islam, they are as guilt as those of other religions. Islam does not give you a choice. You either are a muslim and practice its religion, or you are less than human and worthy of death. Plain and simple.


So, islam is here in this country, stronger than ever, and has more of a foothold in the American culture than ever before. Islam is patient. Muslims will wait hundreds of years for their dream of one world united under islam. Each step they take towards total domination is with it for them. If it takes a thousand years, they consider each tiny baby-step along that path to total victory as a win.


That is a fact. That is a pattern that has never changed with islam. Americans need to be aware of the slow advances islam is making in this country.


The perfect analogy is this: You'll never notice the added weight of one feather on your back if someone quietly places one on your back. Then, they place another. Then another. Over time, they will eventually place a ton of feathers on your back until that weight crushes you. And you never noticed any one specific feather being placed on your back...until you're crushed under the weight of a ton of feathers.


Islam is like that. Each small step toward total domination is a win. And with the help of Obama and libtards in general, they're getting a lot of help.