This is an open letter to Ms. Clinton about her
comments on her being "flat broke"
and her subsequent clarification of
her comments meaning she knows what it's like to struggle with a "hard life."


Ms. Clinton,

I want to say this right up front loud and clear so I am not misunderstood.

I don't envy the rich, and I don't pity the poor. I will not begrudge you (or anyone else) of your wealth, your earning potential, or how much you receive for speaking, books, or any other task you might perform for pay.


I am not trying to get sympathy for myself, nor am I trying to compare my life to the lives of those who are worse off than me. This response is purely intended to get you to see just how out of touch you really are with the common, "normal" people of this country.

Your comments about being "flat broke" and knowing what it's like to live a "hard life" are nothing but a slap in the face to those of us who truly struggle just to survive. It hurt. But more than that, it made me angry.

Ms. Clinton, shame on you for your political posturing. Shame on you for trying to ingratiate yourself to the poor and struggling in this country for political gain. How dare you compare your struggles and hardships to those of myself and millions of other struggling Americans.

You seem to want us to believe that, as your husband once said, you feel our pain. You seem to want us to believe that you can relate to the struggles of our hard lives. You want us to think you are familiar with sacrificing and struggling just to survive and live another day, so you can wake up the next morning to face the same struggles again.

Shame on you, Ms. Clinton. Shame on you.

In February of 2008 I had a quadruple bypass which failed. I still suffer with CAD and am continuing treatment as I'm able to afford it. In the years since 2008, I have lost everything. First I lost my job, then my insurance. After that, one-by-one, I lost everything I had, either by selling personal possessions for money for food, or turning in my financed vehicle because I could no longer afford the payments. Savings went quickly.
Cashing in my retirement and stocks also went quickly.

Now, I live a meager existence on SSI disability, barely keeping my nose below water. I often have to choose between food, gas or medicine. I often have to choose between food for myself or for my family pets. There have been times when I sent my son to college for a nine-hour day with nothing in his lunch but half a bowl of plain, white rice. I went without eating for two days so he could at least have that rice to eat at school.

My son is special-needs and I worked and sacrificed to home school him from second grade all the way through high school. The responsibility for my son, my family, my pets and my household fall squarely on my shoulders. I have no mom, no dad, no brothers or sisters to help me with anything.

I drive a tired and beat 1999 Mercury Villager with well over 200,000 miles on it, which right now is sitting in the driveway broken down. I can't afford the $1,200 to get it fixed. So, it sets.

I also have a 1998 Subaru with almost 200,000 miles on it that has four bad tires on it, and I simply don't have the money to get tires for it, even if I were to buy them one at a time.

By the time I pay my rent, utility bills, and the normal costs associated with breathing in today's society, I usually have LESS than $200 a month left over for food, toiletries, the co-pays for doctor appointments and medicines, and, God forbid, any unexpected expenses that might come up.

Just today I had to choose between food for my dogs or meds for me. I chose to get food for my dogs, because I am responsible for them and their well-being.

Forget about vacations or buying clothes. Forget about going to the movies or eating out. Forget about expensive smart phones or home theaters. Forget about expensive gaming systems or decent furniture. Forget about eating the more expensive "healthy" food. I struggle just to keep any food what-so-ever on the table and a roof over our heads.

I live in a rough section of town because the rent here is all I can afford. Every week, if not every day, I hear gun shots close by. Armed robberies and violent assaults are common in my neighborhood. Shootings are as common in my neighborhood as barbecues probably are in yours. And in this environment, I am the one responsible for keeping myself and my family safe. Home break-ins and muggings happen often, and no one vows to protect me and mine but me.

And in the midst of my struggles to survive and keep my family safe, you, in your infinite superiority, while protected by armed security, want to instill greater gun control, thus making it harder for me to protect myself and my loved ones against the rampant criminal element in my neighborhood.

And with all of that having been said, Ms. Clinton, with all the hardships I face, I would NEVER say I am flat broke. With all my financial struggles just to put food on my table, a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs, I would NEVER say I am flat broke. Because what I do have would seem like an abundance to millions of other Americans.
And those are the people who are truly flat broke. SHAME ON YOU for daring to posture yourself as a common person of the people, struggling through a "hard life."

Ms. Clinton, how DARE you to profess that you know our plights and struggles well enough to think you are qualified to govern us. How DARE you think you know what's best for us. How DARE you posture yourself to make us think you can relate to the "hard life" me and millions of other patriotic Americans face on a daily basis.

Ms. Clinton, you have succeeded in proving you have no clue what it means to struggle. You have proven you have no clue what we face just to survive. You have proven you have enveloped yourself in a life void of any real hardships or real struggles.

Ms. Clinton, you are one of the privileged elite. Admit it. Even when you were "flat broke," you had future prospects that you knew would carry you through 'til better times, and you had resources the likes of which most of us could only dream, to carry you through your current burdens. Your fees for speaking engagements are how much? The advance on your book deal was how much?


And I do honestly hope to get a reply for you,
I would bet every penny I ever had that you have never struggled to fix the water pump on a car. I would bet everything that you have never had to choose between meds or gas. Your health care and meds cost you how much?

You stated some of your financial hardships were due to huge legal bills. I would consider that particular debt a direct result of the decision Mr. Clinton made to not keep his wang in his pants, then the bad decision he made to lie about it to the American people, then the bad decision to smear the name of a female intern who worked for him.

But still, it was a debt that hindered your financial stability. I'll give you that. As you were quoted as saying, you struggled for money for mortgages (plural), houses (plural), and Chelsea's education.

Do you realize I could live WELL for the rest of my life on what you could sell just one of your houses for?

According to, Chelsea attended Stanford University and went to Columbia for an M.P.H. She obviously was not forced to attend a community college due to lack of money, and I'll guarantee you that she never had to resort to having nothing to eat but half a bowl of rice.

By comparison, my son had to get student loans to go to school because I could not afford to pay tuition. MOST of the college students in this country get grants and loans to be able to attend college.

Ms. Clinton, your comments about being "flat broke" and knowing what it's like to live a "hard life" has served to do nothing but further expose your hypocrisy and alienate you from the people you somehow feel qualified to lead. You appear to us like Marie Antoinette, sitting in luxury, throwing lavish parties and dinners, buying clothes and spending exorbitant amounts of money on the things most of us could only wish to experience, while the peasants starve. You are removed and protected from the real hardships that we suffer daily. According to MSN, your current estimated worth is between 10 and 50 million dollars. And, again, I do NOT begrudge you whatever you earn or have worked for. I say, congratulations to you. Live well. But do NOT pretend to be one of us poor, struggling Americans who fight just to survive. It is an insult. It is a slap in our faces. You should be embarrassed by your comments.

And if you're not embarrassed, believe me, we are plenty embarrassed by you.


A proud American