A common sense look at the

insanity that is our government.



As every day goes by, more turmoil erupts in the world around us, and right here in our own country.


Common sense is lost. Common sense has no place in an administration that is immune from the consequences of the policies they enact. Like King Henry and Marie Antoinette, they issue forth laws and policies that have no bearing on their own quality of life, their own ability to live and prosper, and their own ability to provide for their own needs.


My God. Where to begin. I sat down here to write an intelligent and thought-provoking blog, and my head is spinning. So much going on. This country is in real trouble, both from within and without.


We alienate our long-time friend and ally, Israel, while cuddling up to Iran.


Obama has racially and politically divided both this nation and its political leaders more than has been since the Civil War.


Obama tells us that video of thousands of demonstrators in Iran shouting :Death the America!" does not accurately reflect the sentiments of the Iranian people.


Obama ignores the message we sent with the only voice the common people have...our vote, when we handed the House and the Senate to Republicans, telling him on no uncertain terms we did not like his policies and the direction in which he's taking this country, by telling us the message HE heard in those election results was from the voices of all those who did NOT vote.


Real danger is encroaching on our land, our way of life and our liberty. And, it seems, our president is paving their way. islam is being forced down our throats and Obama is doing all he can to help muslims gain acceptance in a society that has suffered death, injury and catastrophe at the hands of those professing religious righteousness from the muslim god, allah.


For the first time in my life, I have no faith in my government to provide me, as a citizen of this country, even the slightest bit of security or safety. For the first time in my life, I feel vulnerable being an American. We can't take a drive, we can't get on a plane, we can't go out at night, or even in the daytime, without looking over our shoulders. We can't go to the movies, we can't go out to eat, we can't even send our kids to school and be confident they are safe.


So, using the common sense our leaders are supposed to possess in HUGE amounts, let's allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to cross our southern border with ease, whose numbers surely include those same terrorists who mean us harm.


With this background of violence, and the threat of vengeance and violence looming large from the new islamic state of ISIS, and while applying that common sense our leaders surely have, our president feels compelled to stand in front of us, we who have suffered terrorists attacks in numbers unequaled in our history, and declare that islam is a religion with a long and rich history of peace and tolerance. He brings Bergdahl's parents ONTO THE WHITE HOUSE GROUNDS, where Mr, Bergdahl shouts an islamic praise of allah, and Obama smiles, applauds and walks away arm-in-arm with them, obviously proud of his accomplishment.


Now the president has the lowest approval rating of any president, ever, and a recent poll shows Americans consider him to be the worst president in 70 years...except for....muslims. He has a 78% approval rating from muslims.


That does NOT instill security and confidence in the people who still remember 9/11, the Boston Marathon, The U.S.S. Cole, Benghazi, the first World Trade Center bombing, the Beltway Snipers, etc. etc. etc.


Somehow, in his infinite wisdom and use of that abundant common sense he must surely possess, Obama said to himself, "Okay. I'm the president of the United States of America. Since the country I swore to protect and defend has been horribly brutalized by muslims, I'm going to go all out and promote the peace and tolerance of islam. That will surely instill confidence and security in the American people and bring a sense of unity to the country."


No, it doesn't. All it did was make me realize our president has a bigger agenda to serve for the muslims than he does for the American people to whom he swore an oath.


Yes, I realize muslim extremists are not typical muslims. Yes, I realize the difference. Yes, I realize that Christians, throughout history, have killed and oppressed millions of people. And, no, I don't want to be judged by the actions of a few Christian whack-jobs.


But the KEY difference is that, islam is, by design, destined to subdue and conquer ALL other religions, in all the world, until it is the one and only accepted religion. Period.


And my president is now negotiating with those terrorists, releasing them to continue their war on our freedom, liberty and ideals.


I have no faith that my government still believes in the concepts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


I have no more faith that my government will respect my civil rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. I no longer have faith that my government will respect and defend my religious freedom. I have no more faith that my country, the country now being molded by Obama and the current liberal, muslim-loving, gun-gtrabbing, lying, smug, deceitful, hypocritical, self-righteous career megalomaniacs, will ever again be the country I grew up loving and believing in.


This nation is more deeply divided than ever. And rightfully so. There is more reason now for American citizens to be furious with their government than ever before.


Our heroes are gone, killed by an honor and integrity deemed old-fashioned by the D.C. elite. Terms like, "The Buck Stops Here" is considered an outdated concept for a modern-day president. People no longer take responsibility for their own actions. It's easier to blame others than to be a person of honor and sound character.


Murderers aren't accountable for their actions because of their bad childhood. Alcoholics now have a disease they can't control. Rapists aren't accountable for their acts of violence because lawyers convince juries that "she deserved it." Political leaders have created scapegoats for every scenario you can think of, whether it's movies, t.v., the music we listen to, video games or the opposing party. It's all due to one, simple fact. It's easier to pass the buck.


Nobody blamed the gun for killing J.F.K. Nobody blamed the gun for killing M.L.K. Nobody blamed the gun for killing R.F.K. Back when there was still a modicum of common sense left in the government, the person who committed the act was held accountable for their actions. Drunk drivers were held accountable when they caused accidents. They couldn't shed the responsibility of their actions by blaming a disease over which they had no control.


But in the society we have morphed into today, truth is a moving target. What you can make people believe, covering your ass with plausible deniability, manipulating perception to escape responsibility, this has all now become more politically correct than demanding truth. Passion and emotion triumphs over reason and common sense more often than not, especially in our elected officials.


Honor, integrity and character are no longer the character traits deemed necessary for political leaders. Those qualities aren't "politically correct." They place blame. They might make someone feel bad. Now the only qualification one needs to be a potential presidential candidate is to be a woman or a minority.


Honestly, I don't know whether the decline of honor, integrity and morality in our society has paved the way for our politicians to become more corrupt, or whether the decline of morality and honor in our politicians has led society into the downward spiral of immorality and the decay of integrity.


Either way, either faction could have, at any time, stemmed the tide of the decline of honor and integrity, and neither did. And now our leaders revel in the freedom of unaccountability.


Our leaders feel no obligation to we the people, except during campaigns. Our leaders lie to us, barely hiding that fact, and are deaf to our pleas for truth and honesty. They continue to betray our trust with impunity. They are both inept and openly corrupt at the same time. Our government officials care more about what they can get away with and still keep their cushy jobs, than doing their jobs. They have destroyed our respect and trust, and they don't care.


Then Hollywood celebrities and the liberal media swings into gear. Those of us who criticize the president are vilified as racist in the widest of medias. Those of us who believe in the Bill of Rights, the same rights that once made this country great, the same rights upon which this country was founded, are called terrorists on T.V by our ex-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. We are called greedy capitalists for daring to think we deserve to keep what we have earned. We're called war mongers for supporting our troops. We're called troublemakers for expecting answers to unanswered questions about immorality and unethical behavior by our leaders.


Never before has this country had a president who seemed as Hell-bent on destroying this country from within as does Obama.


Could it actually be true? Could a politician successfully keep such a secret as this, for as long as would be necessary, from as many people as would be necessary, for him to make it to the presidency, then initiate his plan to topple America from the inside?


I know this sounds like the epitome of paranoia and conspiracy theory, but if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.


Common sense.


Control the food, the water, disarm the citizens, undermine the predominant religious faiths of the nation, and the nation will be ripe for the knock-out punch. Then, you overload it's resources, stress it's social systems to the breaking point, and run the country into bankruptcy by increasing the debt to outlandish figures, and that country will fall. It will crumble. And that is EXACTLY what Obama is doing to the U.S.


Never before now would I have thought this plan would be feasible, much less likely. But, let's look at the pattern. The facts. The events as they actually appear.


Our president seems to care more about muslims and GLBT issues than he does about our hero veterans dying due to V.A. neglect and bureaucracy, or tens of thousands of illegals swarming over our borders, straining our already stressed social systems and financial stability.


He was in Texas and didn't even go to the border to give the appearance of concern. As much as Obama is interested in his image, he didn't even pretend to want it to look like he cares about our border.


He wants 3.7 billion dollars for what he says would be the solution to this illegal immigrant problem. But only about 2% of that money is dedicated to securing our border....the border he said is more secure now than ever.


And where will the rest of that money go? For caring for the illegals. While the V.A. is literally allowing our vets to die, Obama wants to care for all these illegals. 3.7 BILLION dollars to care for illegals, while our vets are on food stamps and current active military troops risk their lives for poverty-level pay. The statement that our border IS secure is more than just blowing off the American people... it's an absolute insult, a flip of the middle finger, directed squarely at you and me.


We all know the border is not secure. That's not even a question. Yet, Obama makes this statement, while not ever having seen it himself. He says this to the people, while blaming Republicans for the entire fiasco, dodging any and all responsibility for himself, which is what we have come to expect from this politician. All the while, Americans are so furious about this issue, they are banding together and forming human shields to keep the illegals out of their towns and neighborhoods.


Let us not forget that the threat to this nation from outside our borders is also still very real.


Terrorists, muslim jihadists and ISIS are threatening everything for which we stand. They are threatening more attacks on us personally, on our own soil, on the very fabric and foundation of our society. Now they are in possession of 80-100 pounds of uranium, while our government is telling us it's not weaponized and doesn't pose an immediate risk. Our government apparently still thinks that, after all the lies they have told us, we still believe anything they say.


You know. Simple things like:


"...we can keep our insurance if we like it,"

the hard drive crashed and the IRS lost those emails,

no one is coming for your guns,

our border is more secure now than ever,

the economy is improving,

not a smidgen of corruption at the IRS,


that Obama isn't interested in photo ops,


And what is Obama doing about said threat to America from ISIS? I'm not sure. Nothing that I know of. Seemingly dismissing it as a non-issue.


To put it bluntly, lying is now accepted and to be expected from Obama. Honestly, if Obama told me it was raining outside, I'd have to go to the window and look for myself to believe it.


Meanwhile, our government is trying to disarm the law-abiding citizens in the face of the greatest terrorist threat in our history. We all know terrorists are SURELY pouring over our southern border along with the current swarm of illegals.


Meanwhile, during the greatest terrorist threat in this nation's history, Obama is cutting our military to the point where we are handing out pink slips to soldiers on the battle field.


Meanwhile, the EPA now has the power to control the water on any and every farm in the country, including ponds and even ditches that fill with rain water.


Meanwhile, the IRS walks roughshod over any group determined to be conservative and patriotic.


Meanwhile the Obama administration continues to oppress Christians while giving favor to muslims.


Meanwhile, we dare NOT offend the muslims but don't even worry about offending the Christians.


Meanwhile, the economy continues to tank while Obama continues to tell us how much better things are getting for us.


Meanwhile, Obama enacts new laws REQUIRING those of us who can LEAST afford it to pay for more expensive insurance that covers less than that insurance he promised we could keep...and, yes, he knew he was lying while he said that.


Meanwhile, the prices of ALL medical care and medicines go up BECAUSE of said new Obamacare law.


Meanwhile, Obama accepts no blame or responsibility for anything.


So, with that glimpse at the "big picture," as I called it, we see America is teetering on the brink of real catastrophe. The kind of catastrophe we can't even fathom.


And Obama looks like Nero fiddling while Rome burned...or playing pool and eating BBQ.


And we, the American people, who grew up in a country we were proud of, a country that stood as a beacon for the rest of the world, are paying the price.


The question is, how much more CAN we pay?