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I'm a drummer, songwriter, musician, writer, reader, enjoyer of good wines and food, avid shooter and patriot, and ardent supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights. But being a drummer defines me in many ways. I've been a drummer for longer than I like to admit I am old. I've played everything from heavy metal to smooth jazz. I've played country, pop, R&B, even some electronica in a band that featured a mix of live musicians and digital stuff.


Heavy music is where I cut my teeth. I grew up on Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zepplin, Alice Cooper, etc.

I believe in and support the 2nd Amendment. I believe in my right to bear arms in defense of myself or my family against anyone who would mean to do us grave bodily harm.


I also believe in my right to use firearms for shooting sports. I firmly believe guns are not "the problem." Criminals are the problem. They are criminals because they don't obey laws. That's what makes them criminals. Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens doesn't hamper the actions of criminals in any way. So, what's the point of enacting gun control laws that only hinder law-abiding people from defending themselves? No liberal, gun control yahoo has ever been able to tell me why taking my guns away will deter even one criminal from committing one violent act. The response I commonly get usually starts with something like this: "If we got rid of all the guns..."


No one will ever rid America of guns. It's ironic that these people agree with the liberal Democratic government when they say we could never find 11 million illegal immigrants, but they think that very same government would be able to find 300 million guns. Deal with the reality that the criminal is the problem. Law-abiding Americans are not the ones committing those crimes. Criminals will always have guns regardless of how many laws you put in place to stop them. We don't blame cars for drunk drivers killing other people. We don't blame the knives when someone stabs someone. We blame the criminal, not the tool he uses to commit a crime, except where guns are concerned. It's a mystery to me why that is. Liberal logic, I guess, which is an oxy-moron in and of itself.

Right up front: To our troops...

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Now my favorite band in the world is Rush, and they have been since 1974. I've seen them live many times. Where as Rush isn't as progressive as they once were, I also love

bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X. That style of complex, progressive music challenges me and forces me to be a better drummer.

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